Dont let the profile meme pics fool you. XRP Infleuncers know their s**t. They almost always win in an argument down to the amount of hours/days they take researching and analyzing the king XRP.

Here at EJCRYPTO we have complied a list of the best XRP twitter accounts to follow.

Let us know if we should add any other accounts by tweeting us: @EJCRYPTO_

Here are the best XRP twitter account you should follow:

Rachel Lee @LEER912

Rachel does not post much but when she does it is knowledge bomb after knowledge bomb. We often go back on her twitter and dissect the information which she has shared.

Lord Lional @LIONEL46294550

The one the only Lord Lional. Lional posts some great tweets on XRP and is often bashing bitcoin minimalists to the ground. LETS GO LIONAL!

Love For Crypto @LOVEFORCRYPTO17

We Love LOVE FOR CRYPTO. Everyday they share unique and interesting information on the development of XRP and interledger tec.

Alex Cobb @ALEXCOBB_

When Alex is not doing his famous live streams he is on twitter shearing all things XRP.


BANKXRP retweets some very useful tweets from XRP partners/ developers.


Darren shares some great content from all over crypto and the financial markets.


The ship has set sail and the SPQR boys are on board. Join them on the adventure of a lifetime all the way to the moon and maybe mars.


Dont boo her. Cheer her. Booboo tweets all things XRP.

To The Lifeboats @HAMEGGSNSAM

Yes I am Sam I am. Probably the most famous face in the XRP infleuncer space. To The Lifeboats knows his stuff when it comes to XRP.

Crypto Wolf @CRYPTOWOLF69

The one the only Crypto Wolf loves a bit of humour. Mixed with his crypto memes you will find his tweets very insightful. He also runs The EJCRYPTO Podcast.

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