How much speculation around Chainlink is there? 

Only look at the recent media coverage surge and the mooon predictions. 

It seems by now that at least one article about Chailink has been published by every reporter and their pet.

Twitter is one of the coolest devices to track the world news of crypto.

Influential rulers, top coins and exchanges — they all have an account on Twitter. 

The purpose of Twitter  is to connect with people who are credible so you can trust their information. has compiled a list of the top Chainlink accounts worth keeping up-to-date with.

Chainlink News @linknewsoracle

ChainlinkNews is the handle, which reports on crypto-related news.

The Oracle is a tireless advocate for Chainlink’s technical credibility.

With tweets about insights and ideas from chainlink.

Chainlink Swiss @trainermario6  

Chainlink Swiss tweets about developments in chainlinks long before they hit the mainstream.

He does a lot of retweeting, but he also makes predictions on a regular basis.

Chainlink Red Pill @ChainlinkP

Chainlink Red Pill describes himself as an “Red Pill of Chainlink” 

The Red Pill often tweets predictions about Link, as well as commenting on recent crypto-related events.

Chain Link God @ChainLinkGod

The God tweets provides no-B.S. 

Observations on Chainlink and alt-coin investments on other accounts without the arrogant insider material. 

Bonus points for his avatar’s bonus points.

Chainlink Bull @ChainlinkBull

Chainlink Bull helps you to stay ahead of the curve of potential new opportunities within the $link space.

In his words, he is well-meaning, very sound in basics, and a supporter of global link adoption. 

He’s someone with whom to keep in touch with.

Jeff Bezos Chainlink Fan @CryptoJeffBezos 

The guy has a deep understanding of crypto and is worth following.

Frequent updates and a bit of humor go a long way to help you set up your own technical research basis.

ChainLink Prince @thecryptokang

This feed on Twitter usually includes posts, maps, and chitchat. 

The Prince is also generous about sharing his own trades data, which gives his followers the opportunity to copy those movements.

Chainlink Market @chainlinkmarket

If you take Chainlink seriously and want input from the industry to Chainlink Market is an influencer to watch. 

If you’re not that deep in the field of Chainlink, you can easily get lost. 

But you will consider their thoughts and points very enlightening if you are patient and eager to learn .

Round Up

These accounts should not be the only source of information for you around the Chainlink project. 

Whether or not you agree with each of the above-mentioned Chainlink twitter accounts.

Hearing what they have to say can give you a new perspective on Chainlink and may even inspire you to explore new trading / investment tactics.

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