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The crypto revolution has only just started. Our mission is to help as many people as possible learn and understand crypto in a fun and exciting way!
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Now we have your attention, let us tell you about EJCRYPTO. Constrcuted somewhere in the UK. EJCRYPTO has been made to educate and help people join in on this thing called Crypto. Creating podcasts and other unique Crypto content designed to inform .

 Join us on the ride to the Moon and maybe Mars!



Here are some websites we recomend when starting out in crypto. Please note some of these links are affiliates which means we make a small commission per purchase.

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Everything You Need to Know About Crypto Trading Bots

A trading bot is basically a software program that communicates directly with financial markets (often using APIs to access and interpret relevant information) and places orders on your behalf to buy or sell based on the interpretation of market data. What Is a Crypto...

Understanding a Crypto Exchange

Exchanges are platforms for trading which allow you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.  Your first encounter purchasing bitcoin and altcoins is likely to involve an exchange of cryptocurrencies.  For most consumers, they are the best way to get bitcoins, as they ease...

All You Need To Know About Crypto Arbitrage

We provide an overview in this guide on what is investing in cryptoarbitrage and is it possible to make a profit from it.  We're going through different arbitration strategies that are applicable to cryptos.  We also describe advantages and, more importantly, risks...



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